Who We Are

While it’s my name on this website, I am by no means a solo act.
I am aligned with a myriad of remarkably talented people who make up my team. What we share is this… an unshakable commitment to helping you unlock your unlimited business potential.

From redefining your revenue structure to leveraging your expertise for recurring revenues – we are here to guide you in playing a bigger game in business without “selling out” or “sacrificing” fulfillment and balance.

Because the act of “partnering up” to build your business is an important and personal decision, it’s important that you understand where I come from.

So here are a few of the beliefs I hold regarding my work with individuals like you…

  • I BELIEVE your work is the medium through which you will impact positive change in the world.
  • I BELIEVE you have the right to have a business that is massively profitable and deeply fulfilling.
  • I BELIEVE a business dedicated to service and integrity transcends greed and richly flourishes.
  • I BELIEVE a few simple shifts in how you run your business can create mind-blowing results.
  • I BELIEVE entrepreneurship is a vehicle for personal transformation at a “soul” level.
  • I BELIEVE that when we partner with like-minded individuals our brilliance and opportunities expand exponentially.

There you have it – a peek at my view of business after 23 years. It’s a kinder, more enlightened view of what business is really all about and I’m seeking clients and collaborators who share these beliefs.

Sure, over these 23 years I’ve taken two of my own businesses well past the million-mark, authored two books, spoken around the world and helped thousands of entrepreneurs turn their passions into profits. But the true gifts have come from the people I’ve had the privilege of working with along the way. It’s these people who have shaped me and brought me here… crystal clear about how I want to move in the world.

If what I’ve shared resonates with you, I invite you to become a part of a community of big-thinking entrepreneurs. Fill in the fields on the left column and within minutes, I’ll send you one of my favorite bonus gifts and keep you in the loop on upcoming events and programs.

My Story

Understanding that some of you want more of the details, I offer the following recap of how I happen to arrive right here.

In 1987 I founded my first business with my husband, Mario. During my time as CEO we turned our $5,000 into a multi-million dollar company that positively impacted the lives of thousands of women through the life-changing influence of owning their own business.  After 12 exciting years of growing the business Mario and I decided to sell it to two trusted friends who would build upon the foundation we had established. Still today, the company thrives and prospers.

Schooling – formal and not so formal

MIISWhile I’d like to say that my initial business success was due to my Masters in International Business and Bachelors in East Asian Studies that would not be the whole story.
It was, in fact my real-world, roll-up-your-sleeves attitude that took me from a newbie entrepreneur to a seasoned, and profitable pro.

During the two years after selling my first business I played, invested time and money in growing myself personally and professionally and put my focus on being a mom to my son Alex.  I also found time to work with a number of start-ups – taking one of them to the half million mark in less than 6 months.  All the while my passion remained consistent - supporting women entrepreneurs to grow their profits while enhancing the quality of their life.  It was a fun and rewarding time and I emerged wiser and ready to take my work to the next level.

Stepping Out Into the World

Soon, the opportunity arose to joined forces with a friend, Nicki Keohohou and her daughter Grace. We forged our talents, commitment and $18,000 and in just five years created a 1.2 million company called The Direct Selling Women’s Alliance. Today it serves direct selling professionals in more than 20 countries and has an on-line community of thought leaders that are shifting the profession.

During my six years as President of the DSWA I developed a number of cutting edge training programs, including the ELITE Leadership Certification Course which received international acclaim for it’s innovative edge.

In an effort to impact the profession on an even broader scale, Jane lead a team in authoring two bestselling books Build It Big and More Build It Big.  Her marketing campaigns took both books to #1 in the Sales and Marketing and Business on Amazon.com and Barns&Noble.com. Since then, more than 50,000 copies have been sold and the books have been translated into six languages.

Following My Heart

In 2008 I moved on to work independently with thousands of small business owners as a coach, speaker and business strategist under the umbrella of my consulting company, Profit Partners.  With the help of my talented husband Mario, we launched a web design firm, Interweb Productions and a virtual training platform, the Virtual Training Academy. Through these companies we support remarkable thought leaders in business to bring their life-changing message on line. Combine that with the consulting and coaching under my own brand and you have a powerful team of professionals committed to your success.  Whether speaking on stage, delivering a virtual course or coaching one-on-one, I’ve been blessed to support forward-thinking entrepreneurs around the world who are impacting change on a daily basis.

Partners In Life and in Business

My husband Mario and I have been building business together since 1987. I bring the marketing and strategy and he makes it all come to life through technology.
There has never been a request Mario and his remarkable tech team have not been able to carry out with class and excellence. They continue to amaze me with their never ending technical talents.

When appropriate, we connect clients with Mario’s company, Interweb Productions. He and his technical team comprised of talented programmers that span the globe, offer the highest level programming and a deep sense of commitment and service.  What clients love most, besides the impressive end product is Mario’s never-ending patience when it comes to the intricacies of taking your business online.

Want something to print?

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Cool Things
Jane Has Done

  • Taken two businesses to the million dollar mark and beyond.
  • Authored two best-selling books that have been translated into six languages.
  • Helped thousands of entrepreneurs turn their passions into higher business profits.
  • Inspired audiences around the globe.
  • Touched the lives of private coaching clients in more than seven countries.
  • Was a Co-Founder of the internationally acclaimed Direct Selling Women’s Alliance.
  • Remained happily married to her handsome husband Mario for 24 years.
  • Been the luckiest mom in the world to her 12 year-old son, Alex.
  • Lived in Taiwan, Japan and Vienna and traveled to more than 24 countries throughout her life.
  • Studied East Asian Studies and Mandarin Chinese for four years.
  • Reinvented her body, her brand and her business model just before turning 50 in January 2010. Yeah!


“Since Jane shared her system for daily personal effectiveness with me I can’t believe the difference in how I am feeling and what I am getting done! I move through my days feeling clear about my business, I am focusing my energy on what matters most and I am creating huge results with more ease. It feels fantastic!”

Jo Simpson
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