Business Coaching

One-on-one Coaching

Let me walk the path with you as you create the business of your dreams!


When I take on a new coaching client we form a bond – a connection that has me there with you as you take the steps to experience massive forward movement and a deeper sense of fulfillment.

What’s more, I’ll be here to make sure that on your way to the top you never have to sacrifice your sanity, your values or your personal life. In fact – you get to have it all!

  • Imagine having a business coach that has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD and can help you make smart decisions that MAINTAIN YOUR MOMENTUM toward your goals.
  • Imagine having a coach that gives you FRESH PERSPECTIVES and CUTTING EDGE STRATEGIES for higher profits.
  • Imagine the benefit of greater ACCOUNTABILITY which inspires you to stay FOCUSED on implementing the strategies that will accelerate your success.

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Jane is a visionary business expert, consultant and strategist of the highest caliber that I've had the pleasure to know and work with for years. After my initial 30-minute call with her, not only was she able to pinpoint my true calling with vivid clarity, she also shared with me effective and simple strategies to actualize my true calling in a business model that can be monetized. Her advice increased my bottom-line significantly. If you are cloudy about your true calling and how to bring your vision into reality or accelerate your business growth, Jane will scathe through the clouds and show you the sunshine in no time!

Erfan Hettini
Master Intuitive Networker

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