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Seven steps to creating meaningful group recruiting events that attract and enroll your ideal team members. Evenings of Exploration is a new view of the traditional opportunity event and provides an alternative to sharing the business opportunity that is simple for leaders to implement and teach to brand new consultants.

The sad truth of the personal growth industry is that today, less than 10% of students are making it past the second step in our proven process. Whether because of confusion, disinterest or lack of accountability, we are currently in a "content Delivery Crisis!" More
An Innovative Approach to Growing Your Team With Purpose and Authenticity!. Whether you are a seasoned leader or a new distributor just beginning to build your team, Purposeful Prospecting reveals never before seen strategies and insights that will transform the way you see and experience networking from this point forward. More


“Jane is a gifted and powerful coach with a rare combination of strategic mastery and deep vision, plus genuine warmth and heartfelt generosity. Her commitment to my success and her guidance on approach and solutions that I can implement immediately has helped me gain focus, clarity and a roadmap. She’s smart, fast and really gets me. As a coach, speaker and leader myself, my bar is set high and I know that I can turn to Jane and trust she has my back. Thank you Jane!”

Tracey Trottenberg
International Speaker, Trainer and Strategist

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